Monday, May 26, 2014

Openbravo Challenges - Define Sales price in a volatile market

  • In Wholesale Fresh and Frozen meat business,market is volatile and product price will fluctuate everyday from -25% to +25% based on supply/demand.
  •  It's difficult or practically impossible for a manager to revise price/price-list every-time based on purchase. Why don't we let system to derive prices automatically? Is it possible?
  •  Sales man should know price limit,sales price,market price to tackle bargain.
  • System should throw alert if any product sales price is less than product cost and system should notify the same to manager.
  • In some cases,manager need permission to overwrite sales prices defined by system.
  • Don't show product if it's not active in sales.(Stock not available,Inactive Brand,etc..)

  •   Used price-list schema and derived profit margin(list price,unit price)(user configurable) (i.e 2% - 4%)
  • Mapped pricelist schema with pricelist and applied check boxes "Enforce Price Limit","Price List based on Cost"
  • Wrote a new scheduler to create product prices based on pricelist schema.
  • Created a new tab "Warehouse" under pricelist to know about stocked products.
  • Enabled existing feature "Enforced Price Limit" and updated.
  • Created an alert and scheduled email to notify manager ( every 5 minutes).
  •  Added check box "Is Manual" to override product price
  • Remove all not stocked products from pricelist - product price.
  • Confirmed/added all stocked products from price list - product price.
  • Use Product cost "COSTING" and update all products price limit,price list and Sales price
  • If product cost not found(i.e new product,cost not calculated),scheduler will use last purchase price as COST.
  • Throw an alert if product list price,sales price is zero.
  • Scheduler will ignore product types "Service","Expense" and "Resource"
  • Scheduler will ignore products,if "Is Manual" is checked.