Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Openbravo WebPOS - Android - Mobile Bluetooth printer

Openbravo for Retail offers a complete functionality for multichannel retailers, from Sales and Customer Relations to Finance and Operations.  HTML5 web POS can be run on modern tablet devices, helping to improve dramatically the employees productivity and customer buying experience.

However, Openbravo for Retail is not only intended for pure retailers. Are you a distributor who is struggling with your mobilized sales force? Do you have trucks, and lack of complete control over their inventory levels in order to ensure they can fullfill all orders? Do you want to provide your drivers with a powerful tool that helps them to avoid data entry errors, improve your data quality and therefore provide support for a better decision making process?

If you have answered positively to some of these questions, Openbravo for Retail is also a solution for you !. 

Please read more about  simple business scenario in following link, Openbravo for Retail for Wholesalers with mobile sales

 Do you need to provide a receipt for the mobile sales transaction? The best option in this scenario would be to use a bluetooth printer.Currently Openbravo is not supporting blue-tooth receipt printer.As I mentioned in my last post,we successfully printed Invoice receipt from Android device via Bluetooth(using our own Android Hardware Manager).


We tested this application in "Samsung Galaxy Tab 2" with "Zebra ez320" blue-tooth printer.We hope this application may support all Android devices and blue-tooth printers(If Android driver's already exists ).

I attached some sample screen-shots below. 

Application Homepage

Adding all available Printer's 

Listing Printer's:

Printer Information:

Mark Printer as default for seamless printing

Harware Manager running in Background:

Hardware Manager - Test

Openbravo WebPos Ticket

After payment ,Hardware Manager showing print options,

Now,we are testing our application with various Hardware's and we are planning to release this application in Google Play,free of cost :)
Very soon,we will release a video about Android mobile blue-tooth printer from our Retail - Hardware labs section.
If you are interested,please drop me an email ,thirumalai@qualiantech.com. I will provide application apk file(POSHardwareManager.apk) for Testing.

If anyone interested in Openbravo retail implementation,please contact us via http://www.qualiantech.com/qualian_openbravoindia_ERP_contact.php


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Openbravo Retail WebPOS - Variable measure Barcode,Bluetooth Printer

Variable measure Barcode:

Openbravo WebPOS cannot read a variable EAN code that includes information about Item in different format according to GTIN specification. For example an EAN barcode may or may not include product price,product weight. In either case Openbravo WebPOS should be able to find the correct product and price/weight from Barcode.

Since Openbravo WebPOS doesn't support  variable measure barcode,we had to do a customization to support it.In our customers case,we have followed
the following format to support the barcode which contains Product code EAN and price/weight.
1-2(identify price(11)/weight(10)) // 3-7 digits product code EAN // 8-12 digits price or weight // 13 check sum

Barcode Implementation with Product code and Price/Weight:

The below example illustrates,how we were able to achieve the barcode Implementation which includes price of the product/weight of the product.
Product code for Chicken is 05187.

 Product Code for Tomato is 02398.

Retail store  purchased a bulk quantity of chicken, cleaned and packed into small bags.obviously weight will vary for every bag.So we need to bill based on weight and price need to be fetched from DB.Note:chicken price may vary everyday.We used Electronic Label Printer Scale + Barcode Weighing Scale and pasted barcode label on packet.This label have information of Product Name,packed date,Expiry date,etc.

In Billing counter,system will read this barcode and identify weight/product and fetched price from database.In our example,system red Barcode 1001587002505 and identified product as Chicken,quantity as 2.5 . System fetched price 36.50 from database and updated line net price as '701.25' (2.5*36.50)

In Saudi Arabia,people loved to select fruits and vegetables on their own(need to be weighed). Weighing is a time consuming process in final bill counter,so we placed an separate "Electronic Label Printer Scale , Barcode Weighing Scale" for weighing purpose(to speed up process,one weighing machine for every category). This machine is printing a label bar-code along with product name,weight,price per kg,packed date (information for customer) based on defined format and we pasted it on bag cover.

In Billing counter,system will read this barcode and identify price/product based on it. Based on Barcode 1102398005755,system identified product as Tomato,price as 5.75 and skipped the logic of fetching price from database.

Your customers are the reason your company exists: serving and retaining them is essential - Being Human is Good Business by Kristin Smaby
Very soon,we will release a video about variable measure barcode from our Retail - Hardware labs section.

What's Next?
A challenging task of Printing receipts via Bluetooth receipt printer from an Android tablet.We used printer "Zebra ez320" and successfully printed sample receipt without Hardware manager.Now,we are creating our own Hardware Manager for Android.Will get you soon with positive results.

Saudi Arabia - Retail Localization module
We created a Localization retail module for Saudi Arabia including all receipt's ,GS1 rules and barcode label printing.We removed all tax related information from display and also in Receipt .In addition to that,we printed Arabic product names along with English names in all receipt's.

If anyone interested in Openbravo retail implementation,please contact me via thirumalai@qualiantech.com

Qualian Retail RoadMap;
1.Employee Login Authentication via magnetic card reader.
2.Saudi Arabia - Payment gateway Integration
3.Variable measure barcode - User configurable screen
4.GS1 Integration (identifying Vendor and products)
5.Truck Sales - Hardware solution( Tablet/Mobile + Blue tooth printer + Blue tooth bar-code scanner)


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Openbravo for Retail - Openbravo WebPOS

General Questions

What is Openbravo for Retail?

Openbravo for Retail is the Openbravo’s commercial offering for the Retail industry, providing a complete and modular multichannel retail solution, for supporting both the Channel and Head Office operations. Thanks to its breadth and robust platform, Openbravo for Retail can help any kind of retailer leverage IT to drive better business results:
  • Brick-and-mortar retailers, seeking a modern retail solution to improve operations and customer experience, while also providing support for opening the web channel. In this case, retailer can decide to adopt the complete solution or just integrate the new generation POS ready to be used with iPad or Android devices and with strong Store Operations management capabilities , with its legacy retail management system, with a single integration point.
  • E-Commerce retailers, seeking a back office solution to improve their logistic and financial processes
  • Franchisors, seeking a scalable solution with a clear cost model for their current or new franchisees and owned stores, to increase their network performance and reduce time-to-market when adding and opening new stores
  • Retailers seeking a solution to support international operations, with multi-language and multi-accounting schema capabilities

What does Openbravo for Retail include?

Openbravo for Retail is a multichannel retail management system, comprehensive and modular, for managing an entire Retail business, from Sales and Customer Relationships to Financials and Operations, across different channels. Based in the powerful Openbravo 3 platform, Openbravo for Retail delivers:
  • A full web based solution
  • A best in class productive user interface
  • A modular solution
  • A fully interoperable platform
Openbravo for Retail Solution business footprint includes:
  • Merchandise lifecycle management : items management, pricing, assortments
  • Supply chain management : procurement, warehouse and dc management, merchandise distribution
  • Multichannel : support for brick and mortar, e-commerce, wholesale
  • Enterprise management : financials, human resources, document management, e-learning support, CRM
Get here a detailed document about the solution description. Visit our on-line resources to learn more about our solution:

What is the price for Openbravo for Retail?

  • Openbravo for Retail has a highly competitive, clear and simple pricing model, which helps Retailer for having a clear picture about the expected costs through the whole solution lifecycle.
  • With a simple model based on the number of Backoffice users and POS terminals, a Retailer can start from a minimum yearly price of 1.675,00 € (Zone 1) including one POS terminal, and without needing to pay for initial licenses. From here, retailers can grow by simply adding additional Backoffice users at 500,00€ (Standard edition) or POS terminals at 175,00€ (Standard edition).
  • Are you interested in having a huge number of terminals? Check our volume discounts starting on 100 terminals, and finally if needed, Unlimited, with an unbeatable yearly price.
  • Do you want to focus on your business and forget about any hardware problems? Try On Demand, offering the maximum flexibility in terms of invoicing and users provisioning, starting from a mininum monthly price of 136,00€ (with one POS terminal), and including solution hosting.
  • And because we are really proud about our customers and want to create a long term relationship, from second year and ahead, a loyalty discount of 15% over the total subscription price and on top of the existing discounts will apply (not applicable for OnDemand). More detailed pricing information, with the pricing dependent on where you are browsing from.

What is the Retail Backoffice?

It is an Openbravo instance for supporting backoffice processes, at any retailer organizational level, for example Stores, Warehouses or Distribution Centers or the Central Head Office. Subscription for the Backoffice is based on users (concurrent, named or unlimited depending on the subscription type).

What is a POS Terminal?

A POS Terminal is a device running the Openbravo POS module, connected to the Openbravo Back Office (an Openbravo instance). It could be also possible from this terminal to access to the Back Office. It could be a fixed (PC, laptop) or a mobile (tablet) terminal. A terminal subscription is asigned to a concrete terminal and can’t be shared with another one. It could be possible to move it, and then leaving the first terminal unsubscribed.

Which deployment options are available for Openbravo for Retail?

As a vertical build on top of the Openbravo 3 platform, Openbravo for Retail can be deployed under the same scenarios that the standard Openbravo platform : On Premise, Hosted, in the Cloud or as a service with OnDemand.

Do you recommend a specific deployment option for Openbravo for Retail?

Openbravo On Demand may be particularly attractive to many retailers, who often face these common requirements and challenges:
  1. Highly distributed scenarios, e.g. multiple stores and mobile requirements
  2. Easy to integrate Web POS with existing back office through a single, secure web services based integration point in the cloud
  3. Seasonality aspects, along with the typical retail HR challenges (many part time employees or peak times require ability to cost-effectively scale up or down on demand)
  4. Quick up-and-running for new store openings, due to back office being implemented as a managed cloud service
  5. IT staff reduction or time invested in higher value activities
  6. Big Data influence, being able to access to more powerful servers offering higher analytics capabilities at a lower cost

I run international operations. Can Openbravo for Retail help me?

Yes. Openbravo for Retail provides full international operations support, thanks to its multi-language, multi-currency and multi-schema accounting.

I would like my suppliers to work more closely to my business. Could I give them acces to our system for example for Category Management or VMI scenarios?

Yes. Openbravo for Retail is a full web solution, therefore enabling retailers to implement new collaboration scenarios with your suppliers and partners by giving them access to your system. In this way, you can for example implement procurement strategies like Category Management or Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) with your suppliers, or give more visibility to your customers about the status of their orders, let them modify personal data…

Is there a minimum number of backoffice users or terminals with Openbravo for Retail?

Openbravo for Retail has a different fee based on the subscription type. For each fee and depending on this subscription type, a number of users are included. Additional users can be purchased:
  • Standard Pricing : Initial fee includes up to 3 concurrent users
  • Enterprise Pricing : Initial fee includes up to 10 concurrent users
  • Unlimited Pricing : It includes unlimited concurrent users
  • OnDemand : Initial fee includes up to 3 named users
More detailed pricing information.

Is there a maximum number of backoffice users or terminals with Openbravo for Retail?

No. Customers can have as many backoffice users and terminals as they want.

Can I install additional modules with Openbravo for Retail?

Yes. Openbravo for Retail uses an Openbravo instance and customers can install there any module they want, including commercial modules.

Can I customize my Openbravo for Retail?

Absolutely, you can. The objective of Openbravo for Retail is to reduce your need of customization, but it does not limit at all your capacity to adapt it to your very specific needs. Any adaptation you can do in Openbravo core can be done, using the same tools and means, in Openbravo for Retail.

Which POS peripherals are supported?

Openbravo POS is designed to support multiple type of peripherals. Learn more about POS peripherals in the Hardware_and_Peripherals_Guide.

Does Openbravo POS support credit card payments?

Yes. Credit card payments are managed in conjunction with a multifunctional payment terminal, which communicates with a payment gateway. Different card types or transactions (like credit, debit, Chip&Pin) can be supported depending on the terminal type and payment processor. An integration with the desired terminals or payment gateway will typically be needed. Openbravo for Retail includes the core components that let integrate easily with any payment gateway (it may depend on the banks used by the retailer). Note that a payment gateway is usually only possible to use for a single country or a limited number of countries. For implementations that integrate an E-Commerce platform integrated with Openbravo for Retail, payments are typically managed directly by the E-Commerce platform payment component.

I have already a Retail system, and I’m seeking for a new system for supporting my Store operations. Can I integrate Openbravo for Retail with my existing system?

Yes. Openbravo for Retail is a modular and fully interoperable retail solution. In case you are only seeking for a system to support your store operations, it is possible you set up your system for that, and integrate it with your current retail system.

I’m an E-Commerce retailer with an existing E-Commerce platform. Can I integrate it with Openbravo for Retail?

Yes. Openbravo for Retail benefits from the powerful interoperabilities of the Openbravo 3 platform. Thanks to its complete web services layer, you can integrate your existing E-Commerce platform with the Openbravo for Retail server. Visit our Exchange to find existing connectors with E-Commerce platforms, such as the following Magento connectors:

When is Openbravo for Retail available?

Now! Visit our website and request a free Trial License.


Contact us ; thirumalai@qualiantech.com

Friday, October 5, 2012

Openbravo ERP - Consignment Sales Management

Consignment sales management is a native Openbravo module that allows you to easily manage inventory at customer locations, invoicing your customer only when product is actually sold. In this type of streamlined trading arrangement between partners, you retain ownership of the stock until the final sale, and payment is not made until there is a sale. Unsold stock is returned back to you, without any money changing hands.
Consignment Sales is suitable for new product, used goods and new marketplace sellers. The module fully supports all standard consignment business process flows--directly inside of Openbravo!
A consignment sales process is used when you (the consignor) send goods to a selling agent (the consignee), and retain ownership until the final sale. The business process flow in Consignment Sales consist of four major parts:
  • Consignment Fill-up
  • Consignment Issue
  • Consignment Returns
  • Consignment Pick-up
  • Consignment Loss

Consignment Fill-up
Consignment Fill-up covers the replenishment of your stock at the customer site. The two steps up:
  • Consignment Fill-up Order
    The order is a request from your customer (typically through a sales representative of your company), based on the demand of the product in market. This order does not involve any pricing (only quantities), and will not result in invoicing.
  • Consignment Fill-up Delivery
    The delivery records the movement of the goods out of current stock, to the customer site. Even after the goods have been delivered, you will retain the ownership until the goods are sold.
Consignment Issue
Consignment issue records the sale, enabling the customer to sell the product from the stock available in their warehouse. This business transaction is relevant for billing (your customer now owes you money), because the customer has sold the goods.
Consignment Returns
The Consignment returns process enables the customer to return the goods into the consignment stock that were already taken out of it. After consignment Issue, if the end customer finds any defects or any discrepancies, they can return the product to consignment stock. This transaction is relevant for billing since your customer receives a credit for the returned goods.
Consignment Pick-up
If not all of the consignment inventory has been sold, the remaining products may be returned back to your warehouse. The two steps involved in this Consignment Pick-up process are:
  • Consignment Pick-up Order
    Based on products not utilized at the customer location, your Sales representative or some other in-charge person will place a pickup order.
  • Consignment Pick-up Delivery
    Based on a pickup order, the person in charge from your company takes the remaining products from the customer location and stores them in your warehouse.


Please contact me,if you are interested in this module.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fifth year in Qualian with Openbravo:Travel in the Marines

I successfully completed my fourth year in Qualian with Openbravo.Now I entered into Fifth year and I'm very happy with my progress.

Thanks to Senthil and company for giving lot of responsibilities.WOW !!!,What a surprise growth in my career along with Openbravo.

ERP is a Ocean and just I learnt to swim,waving boats.Now,The ship is built and I need to travel in the marines :)

My Ship name is MetR,A solution for construction Industry in Openbravo ERP.