Thursday, January 22, 2009

error 1355,error 2350,error: -1603

Posted Sat August 05 2006 19:38
**NOTE- I tried this only on Windows XP, may work on other versions- don't know

Hi all,

First time here on this site. I just finished helping my friend to build a pc specifically to play silent hunter 3. Interesting watching someone spend that much money to play a game, especially since he's big on Apple and thinks all things Microsoft are Anyway, we put it together only to watch him have a royal meltdown when he got the following during install: "error 1355. The cabinet file"" required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used". Once you get this you get 3 options, retry, cancel and ignore...i think. If you hit one (retry I think) it just keeps failing, hit cancel an it's over, but hit ignore and I believe we got an "internal error 2350" followed by an "error: -1603 fatal error during install". We searched through this entire site and found some very interesting answers which unfortunately never worked. The biggest of these was the thought that a new disk might be flawed or that a DVD ROM may be dirty. None of these were the case with us. I ran a google search on this error and found tons of people having the same problem with intensive programs (memory hogs). You guys are not the only ones out there. It's hard to believe that all these people are getting flawed disks and we knew the DVD ROM wasn't dirty because it was new out of the box. There are so many things to try out there, so if what I suggest don't work, try googling a search for yourselves and see what does work. Don't give up. Some people out there thought it might be a memory problem. Though my friend put in a gig and a half of RAM we wanted to be sure it wasn't the RAM DIMMS. I took the DIMMS out of my pc and installed them in help. Mind you we tried this after 5 hours of trying the various tips I spoke of. So I tried fudging with the settings. BINGO!! Again I tried this only on XP, I can't remember how to do this with other versions. Do the following:

1- click "Start"
2- click "RUN"
3- type "msconfig" in the box and click "OK"
4- select "BOOT.INI" from the top tabs
5- select "advanced options" near the bottom center
6- click on the box to the left of "/MAXMEM="
7- change the number that appears to 512
8- click "OK" then click "apply" then exit that box using the OK buton or the X on top.
9- it will probably as you to restart your computer- do it
10- Try to reinstall the game will probably work, but if not, put in 256 for the number instead.

Here's the catch, if you end up using a number lower than the minimum required for the game to run it will give you a screen saying you have too little memory. Don't worry, make sure the game installs first using the low numbers then change the settings back to normal AFTER THE INSTALL IS COMPLETE, by using the same procedure and removing that X by the "/MAXMEM=". Now you have all your available memory back and can run the game without a hitch. Boy was my friend happy... and I gotta say, it looked like a great game and the graphics were awesome.

He was so relieved that he made me promise to sign up here just to post a possible resolution to this problem so that hopefully some of you will be able to play without huge headaches. I promised him, so there you are guys...good luck

Dark Wolf

Monday, January 5, 2009

Removing non-empty directory in LINUX

rm -rf
rm -rf /path/to/directory


Unlock Oracle account

SQL>sqlplus /nolog

SQL> connect sys/map3 as sysdba
--map3 is SID of database


User altered.

--After unlocking account I changed password to prash

User altered.