Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Openbravo Live instance - Known issues and solutions

Account Tree got mixed up

Impact - Wrong value in Balance sheet and P&l structure report
Reason - Manual error(drag and drop), wrong account type, improper "IsSummary" (folder structure)


--All accounts,breakdown,header should have SUMMARY LEVEL yes

select c_elementvalue_id,value,name,elementlevel from c_elementvalue  where elementlevel<>'S' and issummary='N'

--check any sub account in summary, if so fix it
select c_elementvalue_id,value,name,elementlevel from c_elementvalue  where
elementlevel='S' and issummary='Y'

--subaccount as parent, if so fix it
select node_id,parent_id from ad_treenode where ad_tree_id  ='PASS-TREEID-HERE' and parent_id in 
(select c_elementvalue_id from c_elementvalue  where  elementlevel='S')

find tree id using following query
select ad_tree_id,name,treetype from ad_tree where name ilike '%element%';

Product type mixed up

Example : Air ticket. User wrongly created this product as product type "Item" instead of "Expense" and placed Purchase Order. Now user identified error and try to update product as "Expense" .
System won't allow because stock proposal is registered .


create or replace function fix_producttype(product_id varchar) returns void as $$

update m_storage_pending set qtyreserved=0.00,qtyordered=0.00 where m_product_id= product_id;
update m_storage_detail set qtyonhand=0.00 where m_product_id= product_id;
update m_product set producttype='E',isstocked='N' where m_product_id= product_id;
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

select m_product_id,value,name from m_product where name ilike '%ticket%' and producttype<>'E'

select producttype(m_product_id) from m_product where name ilike '%ticket%' and producttype<>'E'

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Openbravo - Finance Management - Payment OUT Approval feature

Document Rule 
    Document Rule window is used to define a rule for providing multilevel approvals for each Document Type.

    Payment Out Approval

    • Payment Out Approval window is used to review and approve Payment Out processed in the system. It will list all the Payment Out which is waiting for user’s approval.

    • Select the document which need to be approved . On selecting the corresponding line it will open a pop-up as below.

    Show History

    • Clicking on Show History link it will display the approval process and comments.

    • On clicking the Approve button it will check for the next level approval based on the document rule and it will be available for the next role that need to be approved.
    • If there is no next level approval then the document will be approved.
    • On clicking the Rework button it will send back the document to the requester with initial status as “Awaiting Payment” .

    Friday, January 9, 2015

    Openbravo Platform - Latest features

    Combined Selector+Record creator:

    Release : 3.0 PR14Q4

    New selector definition that allows to create new records. Record creation is based on a Process Definition window.


    Landed Cost

    Release : 3.0 PR14Q4

     Landed costs implementation supports allocating additional costs to product receipts and related accounting


    Tree Selector

    Release : 3.0 PR14Q2

    The Tree Selector described in this manual is a variant of the Openbravo Selector. It can only be applied on tables with trees defined.
    Both the implementation of the tree selector and its use is similar to the standard selector. The main difference is that instead of using a grid for the form item drop down and the popup, the Tree Selector uses a tree grid:
    Drop down tree:

    Popup tree:



    Process Group:

     Improve the Process Scheduler to be able to schedule and execute a group of processes as a single unit.

    Process Group List

    Create a Process inside a Process Group with a sequence number
    Process Group List contains the list of processes that are part of the group sorted in a certain order.


    Code : https://code.openbravo.com/erp/mods/org.openbravo.platform.features/summary