Saturday, January 2, 2010

Openbravo Implementation Partner in India

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Introduction About Qualian Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

•Headquartered in Chennai, India
• Involved in Outsourced Development Activities for US customers
• Involved in Enterprise solutions implementation for Small and Medium Enterprises in India
• Early Partner and Active Practitioner of Openbravo in India
• Developing Industry specific ERP solution based on Openbravo for the Textile Industries in India • Developing additional modules like HRM & Payroll for Openbravo to fulfill the current and future customer requirements

The Technology Awards recognized outstanding projects lead by companies or organizations build on top of Openbravo technology.

Nominated - Openbravo Best implementation of year 2008 :

Qualian Technologies. Implementation of Openbravo ERP in Vaishnovi Infrastructure Private Limited, India. Implemented for the customer with one production facility and 23 branch locations spread across India, with more than 100 users in a company has more than 1000 employees. Customer deals with international suppliers & local suppliers. Handled special financial instruments like LCs (Letter of Credit). Developed a custom CRM application to handle the sales visits of Sales person and capture the details about in and around of a customer.

Openbravo Customer Stories: How the Community is Benefiting

Openbravo World conference
Senthil in Openbravo world conference.


Qualian Technologies (case Vaishnovi Infrastructure): Senthil Palanisamy
This session provides a case study that manifests how Openbravo ERP was customized and modules added, to ensure the right fit for a the customer´s needs. The partner helped Vaishnovi Infrastructure, based in India, to overcome the challenge of gaining control over a complexity of operations, from managing critical resources, to providing a timely service to the customer.

Qualian Technologies. Case Vaishnovi Infrastructure. Senthil Palanisamy

Implementing Openbravo ERP on a construction equipment company in India.

Key ideas:
  • Customer has 1.000 employees, 1 billion Indian ruppies turn over. Challenges: 100 desktops, independent systems for inventory and accounting, migration from a previous system. Need for new requirements not supported by their legacy system: centralized stock managed, BOM, sales commissions, etc.
  • The implementation has been very successful. Users and managers are happy because the new level of flexibility and functionality gained