Sunday, March 29, 2009

Drives and folders not open by double click

Description - When you try to Open a drive it say (select a program from this list to open).If you try to open with IE means it will ope.

Reason - Due to Trojan

Remedies - 1.Open REGEDIT file(In Run type REGEDIT )
2.Find "MOUNTPOINTS2" using Ctrl + F
3.Delete the same(Include sub folders).MOUNTPOINTS2 always a folder.
4.Repeat the process unless all the "MOUNTPOINTS2" are deleted
5.Check now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Display Logic

I want to hide a field in screen based on another field, (string) starts with CAN.
Example -- City like 'CAN%'

I don't know what was the syntax for 'like' in display logic?
Help me.



Display logic in field tab is used for this purpose. Display logic is a boolean expression that make the field visible when it is evaluated to true. This expression is pseudo javascript (in fact is javascript, but for comparison operators it is used = and ! instead of == and !=). Thus the starts with comparison must be implemented in javascript, for example:


This would hide the field in case its value start wiht CAN (note it is case sensitive)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fedora server- Disable Firewall,Restart

Stop Firewall
/sbin/chkconfig iptables off
/sbin/service iptables stop

restart server

/sbin/shutdown now -r

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

List validation based on the user logins

try the following:

AD_Ref_List.Value NOT IN (
case when (@AD_Role_ID@ = 100021)
then ''
else 'Perm'

You have to understand how it works:
-your statement was: if role is 100021 then no value is allowed, for other roles only "Perm" is allowed. So I guess your description was wrong: when you login with 100021 the drop-down list is empty, otherwise only 'Perm' is shown
-my statement is: if role is 100021 then no values are excluded, for other roles 'Perm' is excluded (it matches with your original requirements)