Friday, October 5, 2012

Openbravo ERP - Consignment Sales Management

Consignment sales management is a native Openbravo module that allows you to easily manage inventory at customer locations, invoicing your customer only when product is actually sold. In this type of streamlined trading arrangement between partners, you retain ownership of the stock until the final sale, and payment is not made until there is a sale. Unsold stock is returned back to you, without any money changing hands.
Consignment Sales is suitable for new product, used goods and new marketplace sellers. The module fully supports all standard consignment business process flows--directly inside of Openbravo!
A consignment sales process is used when you (the consignor) send goods to a selling agent (the consignee), and retain ownership until the final sale. The business process flow in Consignment Sales consist of four major parts:
  • Consignment Fill-up
  • Consignment Issue
  • Consignment Returns
  • Consignment Pick-up
  • Consignment Loss

Consignment Fill-up
Consignment Fill-up covers the replenishment of your stock at the customer site. The two steps up:
  • Consignment Fill-up Order
    The order is a request from your customer (typically through a sales representative of your company), based on the demand of the product in market. This order does not involve any pricing (only quantities), and will not result in invoicing.
  • Consignment Fill-up Delivery
    The delivery records the movement of the goods out of current stock, to the customer site. Even after the goods have been delivered, you will retain the ownership until the goods are sold.
Consignment Issue
Consignment issue records the sale, enabling the customer to sell the product from the stock available in their warehouse. This business transaction is relevant for billing (your customer now owes you money), because the customer has sold the goods.
Consignment Returns
The Consignment returns process enables the customer to return the goods into the consignment stock that were already taken out of it. After consignment Issue, if the end customer finds any defects or any discrepancies, they can return the product to consignment stock. This transaction is relevant for billing since your customer receives a credit for the returned goods.
Consignment Pick-up
If not all of the consignment inventory has been sold, the remaining products may be returned back to your warehouse. The two steps involved in this Consignment Pick-up process are:
  • Consignment Pick-up Order
    Based on products not utilized at the customer location, your Sales representative or some other in-charge person will place a pickup order.
  • Consignment Pick-up Delivery
    Based on a pickup order, the person in charge from your company takes the remaining products from the customer location and stores them in your warehouse.


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Monday, May 28, 2012

Fifth year in Qualian with Openbravo:Travel in the Marines

I successfully completed my fourth year in Qualian with Openbravo.Now I entered into Fifth year and I'm very happy with my progress.

Thanks to Senthil and company for giving lot of responsibilities.WOW !!!,What a surprise growth in my career along with Openbravo.

ERP is a Ocean and just I learnt to swim,waving boats.Now,The ship is built and I need to travel in the marines :)

My Ship name is MetR,A solution for construction Industry in Openbravo ERP.