Thursday, April 10, 2014

Openbravo WebPOS - Customer address management

Contributed by Qualian Technologies (P) Ltd.

Customer address management and assigning to a ticket

Once customer is selected, system will automatically fetch default address and assigning it to ticket. If customer have multiple address, this can be changed by tapping the customer address button at the top of the ticket (next to customer name) which launches a address picker dialogue where a required address can be selected.
In this modal window, customer address are loaded automatically, which is read only at first. Tapping a address will get assigned to actual ticket. If customer have too many address, we can able to search customer address by name, filling the input text and pressing the magnifying glass button. Choosing New Address, new address can be added. Using the Edit Address, the address can be modified. The Assign to receipt button in New AddressEdit Addresswhich helps us to assign customer and address automatically to receipt after add new or edit address, without returning back to address menu.
To create a new customer address from menu:
  • Select Customers option in the menu.
  • Search and select customer which requires new address.
  • Tap Edit/New Address button in Customer Details popup.
  • Tap the NEW in the top left corner to add new address.