Sunday, September 13, 2009

Openbravo - Learn about the product

Openbravo ERP
Openbravo's professional web-based open source ERP solution provides a unique mix of high-impact benefits:

Openbravo ERP

Broad, streamlined functionality
  • Rich Functional Footprint: Integrated Accounting, Sales & CRM, Procurement, Inventory, Production, and Project & Service Management
  • Integrated ecosystem of add-ons: Benefit from Openbravo and 3rd-party modules and industry verticals for a best fit implementation
  • Scale with Ease: Grow seamlessly from single-instance to multiple tenants, organizations, localizations, warehouses

True web-based open architecture
  • Easy to Use Web Application: Simple and secure browser access to all functionality, with web services for easy interoperability with other applications
  • Simple to Extend and Upgrade: Codeless & model-driven, allowing non-programmers to easily add new functionality adapted to unique needs
  • Flexible Deployment: On premise or on the cloud, single or multi-tenant, on Windows or Linux, there are options for every need

High value at predictable low cost
  • Minimal Upfront Investment: Subscription model allows “pay as you go” customer control, and avoids capital expense
  • Transparent Pricing: Easy to understand, no hidden fees, no haggling over price
  • Quick Start, High Return: Go live quickly with a standard, best-practices implementation, incrementally extend and grow the solution over time

Smart Solutions, Real Results

Companies all over the world are achieving real results, successfully facing challenges just like yours. Spend 5 minutes learning how Openbravo helped them.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Openbravo wins prestigious 2009 BOSSIE award

Again, Openbravo has won an InforWorld's BOSSIE award to the Best of Open Source Enterprise Software. This is the second time Openbravo is presented with this award, one of the most renowned in the open source industry.
The jury reasoned:
"Openbravo impresses with a well-developed POS (point-of-sale) solution, procurement and warehouse management tools, financial and accounting features, and production logistics for shop floor oversight. Further, Openbravo's plug-in architecture offers the same sort of extensive modularity found in SugarCRM and traditional commercial applications from the likes of SAP and Oracle. That means your developers can extend system functionality without worrying about stepping on core functionality. And the entire Openbravo system is supported by a healthy set of alerts, role-based user provisioning and access control, and a good Web-based UI."
All of us at Openbravo and our ecosystem are very happy and honored by the award. We have invested a lot of resources and effort in building one of the best products, and providing all the community tools and professional services to ensure Openbravo truly becomes an alternative to proprietary ERPs. We have achieved a lot, but there is still a lot more to be done! Hopefully we can do it together.
Thanks for your support!
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Customer Quotes about Openbravo

Customer Quotes about Openbravo

"Without a doubt, Openbravo's solution met the original necessities of our company as well as the ones that came up during the implementation phase. We were also happy that we were able to adapt the software to the specific needs of our company, relative to our sector and particular operations."

Félix Arrasate, General Manager, Arrasate

"Our employees were ecstatic when they saw their jobs become easier to carry-out. They worked harder and more efficiently!"

Iñaki Amigot, General Manager, Huesker

"Sales increases of 32%, enhanced decision-making processes, and measurable quality improvements can all be attributed to the existence of Openbravo - our new ERP."

Carlos Villanueva, Sales Director, Frilac S.A.

"Openbravo ERP proved to be the right solution for our Research and Development Group, supporting, in a very flexible and efficient way, our needs regarding the delivery of R+D+i projects and accredited ISO170025 services to a high number of clients."

Mariano Ruiz, Regular Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

"The immediate benefit of Openbravo ERP is the lowering of the transaction costs. Now we can finally scale up our business."

Kimmo Niemistö, CEO, Kehä Caravan Tukku