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Openbravo Retail : WebPOS Credit sales and collection

Credit sales functionality allows Openbravo WebPOS sales user to complete orders without paying and left it as credit based on customer credit limit/credit used.

To enable it, the POS Terminal Type must be configured.
Also, the Credit Line Limit of the Business Partner must be greater than zero.

If these two conditions are satisfied, a button with label Use Credit will appear in payments section.

Tap the button if the pending amount is wanted to leave as a credit. This process will check against the backend the available credit of the business partner. This quantity would be the difference between Credit Limit and Credit Used. If this amount is greater than the pending quantity of the sales order a confirmation popup will be shown. Pressing "Yes, use credit", the order will be processed. Pressing "Cancel", this action will be canceled.

On the other hand, if the outstanding amount exceeds the available credit, an information popup will be shown giving the information of available credit of the business partner, and it will not allow completing the order.

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Credit Collection

Once Credit sales is done,customer used balance will be updated and system will ensure,customer is not exceeding his credit limit.Credit sales formula is  Credit Value <= Credit Limit - Credit Used.So customer need to pay outstanding amount(credit sales) in time(due date) to reduce credit used value.Currently Openbravo is allowing credit sales via WebPOS but we need to do credit collections via Back Office(limitation in WebPOS). So we faced following issues in implementation,

1.We need more Back Office licenses to do credit collection.
2.Retails user feels difficult to learn,access Back Office UI .End user feels,he need to do some additional work.
3.Time Delay.
4.In Truck sales,sales person is responsible for credit collection.So he need a option to do credit collection via WebPOS and the same need to be reflected in Cash Up process.

To overcome all ,we developed "Credit Collection" functionality in WebPOS. This functionality will allow user to do following operations in WebPOS.

1.Allow payment for credit sales.
2.Able to check receipt wise outstanding amount(credit sales) via separate menu.
3.Allow partial payment and leave remain as credit on existing credit sales receipts.
4.Credit payment amount update in Credit used value.
5.All payment methods are allowed to do payment for credit sales.
6.Allow Over payment(considered as tip and it won't be reflected in Credit Used)

Credit collection pop-up showing all outstanding receipt's(credit sales)

Partial Payment:
Selected Receipt VBS1/0000078 - 169.4 and doing a payment of 160 and leave remain 9.4 as credit.

After payment of 160,Outstanding amount updated as 9.4 for Receipt VBS1/0000078.

Allow user to pay 10 Euro against 9.4 Euro  and considered remain 0.6 Euro as TIP.

Credit collection menu and paid receipt is not showing now.(ensured)

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