Thursday, March 18, 2010

Launch of the Functional Graduate Certification for Openbravo ERP 2.50!!

Launch of the Functional Graduate Certification for Openbravo ERP 2.50!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

by Renate Nieuwkoop
Senior Education Specialist at Global Partner Services

After a successful launch of Foundation Certification programme last year, we are now happy to announce the first Graduate Exam. The Functional Graduate Certification has been made widely available starting February 26, 2010.

Since the launch of the Foundation exams, many partners have become certified and can now progress to the next level to become certified at a Graduate level.

Certification is essential to end customers, partners and us at Openbravo for several reasons:

  • Assures customers of your knowledge, skill and credentials
  • Shows tangible evidence of your ability
  • Adds to your credibility in the Openbravo ecosystem
  • Allows Openbravo to set a brand standard and monitor the quality of our partners
Whereas the Functional Foundation knowledge can be mastered through participation in the Basic Functional Training, the Graduate exam is going beyond that and is based on knowledge that can only be gained through practical use and implementation of the Openbravo ERP application. The objective of the Graduate exam is to demonstrate the ability to configure and use the application in a real life scenario.

For more information about the Functional Graduate Certification, please click here. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly at


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Openbravo Implementation Partner in India

Contact Qualiantech
Introduction About Qualian Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

•Headquartered in Chennai, India
• Involved in Outsourced Development Activities for US customers
• Involved in Enterprise solutions implementation for Small and Medium Enterprises in India
• Early Partner and Active Practitioner of Openbravo in India
• Developing Industry specific ERP solution based on Openbravo for the Textile Industries in India • Developing additional modules like HRM & Payroll for Openbravo to fulfill the current and future customer requirements

The Technology Awards recognized outstanding projects lead by companies or organizations build on top of Openbravo technology.

Nominated - Openbravo Best implementation of year 2008 :

Qualian Technologies. Implementation of Openbravo ERP in Vaishnovi Infrastructure Private Limited, India. Implemented for the customer with one production facility and 23 branch locations spread across India, with more than 100 users in a company has more than 1000 employees. Customer deals with international suppliers & local suppliers. Handled special financial instruments like LCs (Letter of Credit). Developed a custom CRM application to handle the sales visits of Sales person and capture the details about in and around of a customer.

Openbravo Customer Stories: How the Community is Benefiting

Openbravo World conference
Senthil in Openbravo world conference.


Qualian Technologies (case Vaishnovi Infrastructure): Senthil Palanisamy
This session provides a case study that manifests how Openbravo ERP was customized and modules added, to ensure the right fit for a the customer´s needs. The partner helped Vaishnovi Infrastructure, based in India, to overcome the challenge of gaining control over a complexity of operations, from managing critical resources, to providing a timely service to the customer.

Qualian Technologies. Case Vaishnovi Infrastructure. Senthil Palanisamy

Implementing Openbravo ERP on a construction equipment company in India.

Key ideas:
  • Customer has 1.000 employees, 1 billion Indian ruppies turn over. Challenges: 100 desktops, independent systems for inventory and accounting, migration from a previous system. Need for new requirements not supported by their legacy system: centralized stock managed, BOM, sales commissions, etc.
  • The implementation has been very successful. Users and managers are happy because the new level of flexibility and functionality gained

Monday, December 28, 2009

Openbravo in "10 Coolest Open-Source Products Of 2009"

9. OpenBravo ERP

  OpenBravo ERP
ERP has been slow to develop on the open source side, but Openbravo ERP is coming on strong. Users can view production information, inventory, customer information, order tracking, and workflow information through a Web browser, greatly simplifying what can be a complex tool. Of course, open source solutions like OpenBravo ERP also save money, which is especially true in the traditionally expensive realm of ERP. Customers choose and pay for only the services they want, and easy customization adds to the cost savings.
Openbravo has made impressive strides in version 2.5 with the introduction of modularity and dashboarding capabilities, says Ron Bongo, CEO of Corra Technology, a of Montclair, N.J.-based Linux solution provider. OpenBravo's modularity gives customers, partners and community members the ability to extend Openbravo to meet specific needs," he said.

Openbravo : Award

Our team strives for innovation, quality and cost-effectiveness. Along the way, Openbravo has won several awards that encourage us to continue working in this way.

InfoWorld Bossie Awards
Red Herring
Linux World
Open Source Business Awards
Technology Based Innovative Enterprise Award
InfoWorld Bossie Awards
Capital Magazine Award

InfoWorld Bossie Awards 2009
Openbravo ERP was honored for the second time as the Best of Open Source Enterprise Software in IDG's 2009 InfoWorld Best of Open Source Software (Bossie) Awards.
Infoworld said, "Openbravo impresses with a well-developed POS (point-of-sale) solution, procurement and warehouse management tools, financial and accounting features, and production logistics for shop floor oversight. Further, Openbravo's plug-in architecture offers the same sort of extensive modularity found in SugarCRM and traditional commercial applications from the likes of SAP and Oracle. That means your developers can extend system functionality without worrying about stepping on core functionality. And the entire Openbravo system is supported by a healthy set of alerts, role-based user provisioning and access control, and a good Web-based UI." - Infoworld

IBM EMEA Innovative Solutions 2009 award
IBM recognized Openbravo with the IBM EMEA Innovative Solutions 2009 award in the data management category. The award was presented at the Information On Demand (IOD) show, which took place in Berlin June 3-5th, 2009.

Capital Magazine Award 2008
The Spanish business magazine Capital has awarded Openbravo as a winner of the Innovation Category for the Navarra area. Product Excellence Award 2008 and IDG World Expo has selected Openbravo ERP as a winner of the Product Excellence Awards 2008 in the "Best Integration Solution" category. The awards distinguish product and service innovations.
"We saw a wide variety of products submitted for the Product Excellence Awards at this year's LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, which demonstrates the high level of system administration productivity happening throughout the industry," said Don Marti, site editor,, and Product Excellence Judge.

Open Source Business Awards 2008
The Open Source Business Foundation has selected Openbravo as a second winner of the European Open Source Business Award, an award given to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, promising business plans and conceptual brilliance.

InfoWorld Bossie Awards 2007
Infoworld has selected Openbravo as a winner of the InfoWorld Bossie Awards 2007 that recognizes the Best of Open Source Software for business, from small offices to large enterprises. Openbravo has been awarded as a "Best of open source applications".
"Open source software has established itself as a cornerstone of modern business computing, and the open source community is arguably the greatest driver of innovation in software today. The InfoWorld Test Center's central mission has always been to identify the most promising and cost-effective solutions available to IT organizations. Increasingly, those solutions come from the open source camp. The time has come to formally acknowledge this fact, and to give credit to the developers and community that made it happen" - InfoWorld. Product Excellence Award 2007 and IDG World Expo has selected Openbravo as a winner of the Product Excellence Awards 2007 in the "Best Integration Solution" category. The awards distinguish product and service innovations.
"We're so thrilled to have the opportunity to recognize these companies that are making strides in innovating and improving existing products in the Linux and open source community", Don Marti, Site Editor and Product Excellence Awards Judge.

Red Herring 100 Europe Award 2007
Red Herring has selected Openbravo as a winner of Red Herring 100 Europe 2007, an award given to the top 100 private technology companies based in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) each year.
"...Our list shows that great companies are being created in Europe." Joel Dreyfuss - Red Herring Editor-in-Chief.

Technology Based Innovative Enterprise Award 2006
Openbravo received an EIBT award in recognition for its role as a Technology Based Innovative Enterprise. This award was presented by ANCES, the Spanish Business Innovation Centres National Association.

Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y ComercioOver the past two years, Openbravo has developed an open source enterprise resource planning system (ERP) designed specifically for small and medium sized business (SMEs). We would like to emphasize the following aspects of the project: The architecture facilitates efficient development, its functionalities are adaptable to all types of companies configurations and its web based interface facilitates access and ease of use through a user-friendly application.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Openbravo Product : Relationship with Compiere

What is our relationship with Compiere?

Openbravo delivers a fully integrated, web-based ERP system built upon the methodology and principles of Open Source. This means both that the source code is openly available and that in our development process we continually look for available technologies, enabling a rapid introduction of new ideas and the evolution of existing components.

Openbravo is based on a number of other Open Source projects, such as Apache, Dojo, and notably Compiere. Specifically, Openbravo's application dictionary was originated on a 2002 version of Compiere's. The application dictionary defines the structure of each module and screen and therefore the two applications have similar appearances.

Three important distinctions are: Openbravo's native web-based architecture, its use of MVC architecture in the actual development environment, and a significant increase in the number of available functionalities, such as manufacturing, MRP, etc...

Our current code base is almost entirely comprised of original, Openbravo-developed code that is continually evolving. By our estimates, less than 10% of this code can be attributed to Compiere. Any code that has not been developed by Openbravo is properly identified in the source files.

How do we recognize Compiere's contribution to Openbravo?

From a user's perspective, Compiere ERP's licenses for releases 2.4.4 and 2.5.0 explicitly prohibits us from using Compiere's logo and trademarks in our application. However, in the About section we list the different open source projects that have been used to build Openbravo, including Compiere.

From a developer's perspective, all of Compiere ERP's original and modified code is duly identified in the copyright notice that accompanies each file.

What is our opinion about Compiere?

Although we have always been very fond of native web-based architectures (as opposed to Compiere's client-server architecture), from our early beginnings we recognized the fantastic job created by Jorg Janke and Compiere in the form of its application dictionary. Although we have had to significantly adapt it in order to make it work with our own engine (codenamed WAD), we can not underscore enough the value of Compiere's seminal work.

Is Openbravo compatible with Compiere's dictionary?

We initiated our development with releases 2.4.4 and 2.5.0 of Compiere's dictionary and had to modify the structure significantly in order to adapt it to our own engine. Over the years we have increased the functionalities available with our own developments. Consequently, Compiere's current dictionary would not work with Openbravo without significant modifications.


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