Saturday, December 19, 2009

Openbravo Product : Relationship with Compiere

What is our relationship with Compiere?

Openbravo delivers a fully integrated, web-based ERP system built upon the methodology and principles of Open Source. This means both that the source code is openly available and that in our development process we continually look for available technologies, enabling a rapid introduction of new ideas and the evolution of existing components.

Openbravo is based on a number of other Open Source projects, such as Apache, Dojo, and notably Compiere. Specifically, Openbravo's application dictionary was originated on a 2002 version of Compiere's. The application dictionary defines the structure of each module and screen and therefore the two applications have similar appearances.

Three important distinctions are: Openbravo's native web-based architecture, its use of MVC architecture in the actual development environment, and a significant increase in the number of available functionalities, such as manufacturing, MRP, etc...

Our current code base is almost entirely comprised of original, Openbravo-developed code that is continually evolving. By our estimates, less than 10% of this code can be attributed to Compiere. Any code that has not been developed by Openbravo is properly identified in the source files.

How do we recognize Compiere's contribution to Openbravo?

From a user's perspective, Compiere ERP's licenses for releases 2.4.4 and 2.5.0 explicitly prohibits us from using Compiere's logo and trademarks in our application. However, in the About section we list the different open source projects that have been used to build Openbravo, including Compiere.

From a developer's perspective, all of Compiere ERP's original and modified code is duly identified in the copyright notice that accompanies each file.

What is our opinion about Compiere?

Although we have always been very fond of native web-based architectures (as opposed to Compiere's client-server architecture), from our early beginnings we recognized the fantastic job created by Jorg Janke and Compiere in the form of its application dictionary. Although we have had to significantly adapt it in order to make it work with our own engine (codenamed WAD), we can not underscore enough the value of Compiere's seminal work.

Is Openbravo compatible with Compiere's dictionary?

We initiated our development with releases 2.4.4 and 2.5.0 of Compiere's dictionary and had to modify the structure significantly in order to adapt it to our own engine. Over the years we have increased the functionalities available with our own developments. Consequently, Compiere's current dictionary would not work with Openbravo without significant modifications.


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