Friday, January 9, 2015

Openbravo Platform - Latest features

Combined Selector+Record creator:

Release : 3.0 PR14Q4

New selector definition that allows to create new records. Record creation is based on a Process Definition window.

Landed Cost

Release : 3.0 PR14Q4

 Landed costs implementation supports allocating additional costs to product receipts and related accounting

Tree Selector

Release : 3.0 PR14Q2

The Tree Selector described in this manual is a variant of the Openbravo Selector. It can only be applied on tables with trees defined.
Both the implementation of the tree selector and its use is similar to the standard selector. The main difference is that instead of using a grid for the form item drop down and the popup, the Tree Selector uses a tree grid:
Drop down tree:

Popup tree:


Process Group:

 Improve the Process Scheduler to be able to schedule and execute a group of processes as a single unit.

Process Group List

Create a Process inside a Process Group with a sequence number
Process Group List contains the list of processes that are part of the group sorted in a certain order.

Code :