Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Openbravo - Finance Management - Payment OUT Approval feature

Document Rule 
    Document Rule window is used to define a rule for providing multilevel approvals for each Document Type.

    Payment Out Approval

    • Payment Out Approval window is used to review and approve Payment Out processed in the system. It will list all the Payment Out which is waiting for user’s approval.

    • Select the document which need to be approved . On selecting the corresponding line it will open a pop-up as below.

    Show History

    • Clicking on Show History link it will display the approval process and comments.

    • On clicking the Approve button it will check for the next level approval based on the document rule and it will be available for the next role that need to be approved.
    • If there is no next level approval then the document will be approved.
    • On clicking the Rework button it will send back the document to the requester with initial status as “Awaiting Payment” .