Saturday, July 18, 2009

Openbravo India

Qualian Technologies (case Vaishnovi Infrastructure) - Senthil Palanisamy - Presentation Transcript

  1. Openbravo World Conference Openbravo Customer Stories: Vaishnovi Infrastructure Barcelona, April 18, 2009 Speaker: Senthil Palanisamy, Qualian Technologies
  2. Agenda Introduction • About Vaishnovi Infrastructure Engineers (Customer) • About Qualian Technologies (Implementer & Openbravo Partner) Challenges Solution Result Further Developments Page 2
  3. Introduction About Vaishnovi Infrastructure Engineers • Headquartered in Chennai, India • Engaged in Refurbishing used construction Equipments – Like Excavators, Cranes, Bulldozers, etc. • Stock, Sell, Service construction Equipments • Involved in International and Domestic Trade • Having 23 branches all over India and one Refurnishing unit • Employs more than 1000 • Turnover is above 1 billion Indian Rupees. • No.1 in this industry • Previously they were using a locally developed System for Accounting and Inventory Page 3
  4. Introduction About Qualian Technologies Pvt. Ltd. • Headquartered in Chennai, India • Involved in Outsourced Development Activities for US customers • Involved in Enterprise solutions implementation for Small and Medium Enterprises in India • Early Partner and Active Practitioner of Openbravo in India • Developing Industry specific ERP solution based on Openbravo for the Textile Industries in India • Developing additional modules like HRM & Payroll for Openbravo to fulfill the current and future customer requirements Page 4
  5. Agenda Introduction Challenges • Shortcomings of Existing System • Need for Additional features to effectively utilize the resources of the company. Solution Result Further Developments Page 5
  6. Challenges Shortcomings of Existing System • Independent Systems for Inventory and Accounting • Client Server Application – Managing about 100 desktop installation was a nightmare • Existing system did not provide Outstanding based on invoices. It gave outstanding based on business partner alone. • No provision for COGS Page 6
  7. Challenges Need for Additional Features • Centralized stock management which will help Vaishnovi to effectively utilize the spares which are residing in different branches. • Every customer needs to be assigned to a Sales Person, who will be responsible for the collection of pending payments. • Cost of Goods Sold calculation for Spares and Machines. • Organization wise Profit & Loss statement • BOM • Sales Commissions • Advanced Tax Setup based on Organizations and region • Support for hierarchical Organizational Structure • CRM Needs Page 7
  8. Agenda Introduction Challenges Solution – Openbravo ERP • Why Openbravo ERP? • Customizations & Additional Developments Result Further Developments Page 8
  9. Solution – Openbravo ERP Why Openbravo? • Web based architecture of Openbravo eliminates the deployment of desktop based client applications and its management • Integrated modules of Openbravo which doesn’t require duplicate data entry. • Sophisticated Finance and Accounting module in which we can get Organization wise P&L Statements • BOM • Sales Commissions available in Openbravo • Tax Setup Features • Tree Structure for Organization Definitions Page 9
  10. Solution – Openbravo ERP Customization & Additional Developments • Sales Commissions have been customized to have additional commissions for Regional Sales Managers and Heads based on the sales of that Region • Product Substitute implementation • COGS has been enhanced to calculate Product wise (for Spares) and Product Instance wise (for Machines) costs. • Additional level of Access Control has been implemented to Cater Vaishnovi’s needs • New feature has been developed to make the payments based on the invoices and to retain the invoice wise outstanding. • Basic Customer Relationship Management module has been developed to track the sales activities of the Organization • Specific feature has been developed to handle the LCs (Letter of Credits) Page 10
  11. Agenda Introduction Challenges Solution – Openbravo ERP Result Further Developments Page 11
  12. Result • Users are happy to use the application from anywhere. • COGS helps the management to price the products appropriately • Invoice wise outstanding & Sales Person’s accountability association has improved Vaishnovi’s Cash collection by 20%. • Basic CRM developed for Vaishnovi helps them to reach the appropriate customer and their spares sales have been increased by 10% in last three months. Page 12
  13. Agenda Introduction Challenges Solution – Openbravo ERP Result Further Developments Page 13
  14. Ongoing Developments • HRM - To be implemented in Vaishnovi • Payroll – To be implemented in Vaishnovi • Texbravo – Industry Specific ERP Solution – An Industry Specific ERP Solution for Textile Vertical – Being developed and implemented in association with two Major Textile Industries in Southern Part of India – Features Custom Workflow Implementation to cater the needs of Textile Processing industries. Page 14
  15. Thank You Page 15