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Getting started with Openbravo




This document provides a list of resources for people evaluating or getting started with Openbravo ERP.
NOTICE: We are in the process of updating this page please go to the forum "Getting Started" page - your opinions please for more information.

About Openbravo

What Openbravo ERP can do

Modules at Openbravo ERP

Evaluating Openbravo ERP

In order to optimize the time you invest in discovering Openbravo, we recommend that you follow the following approach.
  1. Start with the on-line demo. This is a very easy way to get your hands on the product and start exploring its capabilities. You can follow our step by step tutorials to experience some of the main business flows.
  2. Install a Community Appliance. Since the on-line demo is a shared demo environment, there are some limitations on what you can do with it. In particular, we cannot give you system administrator privileges and we are refreshing the system on a daily basis. If you want to evaluate Openbravo's flexibility and experiment with different configurations, or if you want to have a persistent data set to complete your evaluation, you need your own system. The easiest way to get one, is to install a Community Appliance which is intended to allow you to get a full Openbravo ERP server for evaluation purposes with minimal installation hassles.
  3. Once you have completed your evaluation, you are ready to start your implementation project, either with the Community Edition or with the Professional Subscription.
Starting a new project
Understanding Openbravo Releases
Forums and FAQ's
As many open source project, Openbravo ERP has its own Forge where our Community collaborates around the project. There you can access the project forums and review on going projects to extend the ERP functionality through modules, integrate it with external solutions, or to deliver services around it.
For Frequently Asked Questions, visit Openbravo FAQ. This repository of questions is updated every day with Openbravo forum posts.

Full installation guide

Openbravo installation has two different flavors.
Openbravo ERP virtual appliances
Openbravo ERP virtual appliances are a quick and easy manner of setting up Openbravo ERP for testing or development purposes since environment stack is already included and configured.
Openbravo ERP custom installation
Openbravo ERP custom installation is the mean to install Openbravo ERP in a production environment. This way of installation, requires a previous installation and configuration of the whole environment stack.
Openbravo ERP upgraders
Openbravo ERP can be upgrade from several versions to newer ones using a graphical assistant.

Functional documentation

In the link below you can find the functional documentation of Openbravo ERP. The purpose of this documentation is to describe, from a logical stand point, what business processes and what functions are supported in the product and how they are implemented. This documentation gives you a very good idea of what can be achieved with the product; it is NOT, however, a detailed step by step implementation guide or a user guide

Configuration manual

In the link below you can find a document that explains how to set up the ERP in order to succeed working with Openbravo ERP. This is a step by step manual and very useful. Still in progress

Developing with Openbravo

The Openbravo development environment includes a mix of tools and methodologies that make Openbravo developers' life easier.
  • Openbravo Developers Guide: a detailed guide on setting up your development environment, understanding the system architecture and how to build new features.

How to contribute to Openbravo

There are many ways to make Openbravo ERP a better product.

QA process. Acceptance testing

Openbravo QA team makes sure that all the releases have a minimum quality.
Whenever a a release is launched, an acceptance process is executed.
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