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Openbravo ERP 2.50MP9 available Release date: December 1st, 2009

 Openbravo ERP 2.50MP9 available

Check out what's new, the fixed issues and frequently asked questions about the latest release of Openbravo ERP. As always, you are encouraged to tell us what you think, by raising an issue in or discussing it in the Open discussion forum.

Fixed issues

  • 11567: columns using reference Number are mapped to Float instead of BigDecimal. As a result there has been the following critical API change.
  • 11099: Show user in session tab.
  • 11239: The images on a field filled by a user can not be seen by other user with other role with access to the window.
  • 10991: Export language does not work properly when core is not indevelopment.
  • 11055: export.database and update.database could be 1min faster always.
  • Several fixes to improve support on modularity and build process:
    • 11319: Not possible for 2 different modules to add windows with same name.
    • 11228: The ad_menu is not correctly managed with modularity.
    • 10792: Initial client setup not working using two datasets.
    • 11014: Module dependencies must be taken into account while installing several dependent modules.
    • 11029: Templates shouldn't allow *data package* to avoid database objects.
    • 11096: create.database should stop if database could not be created.
    • 11127: If the rebuild process fails when installing a module, the next rebuild deletes the content from ad_module.
    • 11238: If generated entities do not correspond with the content of the application dictionary, export.database doesn't work.
  • 11260: The accounting process through Background and DB tables did not work properly in same scenarios (depending on the structure of accounting schemas).
  • 10621: The general ledger journal report cut the gl_entries in HTML format.
  • 10752: System gets blocked while installing modules.
  • 10574: The conversion rate table has to save the rates with more decimals.

Check the complete list of fixed issues.

API changes

There has been a critical change in Openbravo 2.50 public API. The DAL implementation of columns referenced as Number in the Application Dictionary are mapped now to BigDecimal instead of Float. Getters and setters for those columns are no longer using the Float data type but BigDecimal. See a more detailed explanation in this forum post.
Check the complete API changes.

Download Details

MP module

Source code tarball Mercurial
OBX file QEMU-Parallels VirtualBox VMware Xen Download Clone (tag: 2.50MP9)

Image:Bulbgraph.png   These are Community deliverables. The Professional Subscription can be downloaded from the Partner Restricted Area.

Installation, updates and upgrades

  • To install or evaluate this Openbravo ERP release, follow the installation guide.
  • To update an existing Openbravo ERP from an earlier release of 2.50 follow the update instructions.
  • To upgrade your existing system from 2.3x or 2.40 to the latest version of 2.50 follow the upgrade here

Other resources and links

  • Get information about previous releases in the Release History page.
  • If you are looking for the Openbravo ERP Cloud Appliance release notes, check this page instead.
  • Get more details on Openbravo ERP.

Special thanks

Finally, we give our thanks to the Openbravo Community which continues to support us with their valuable time and knowledge. We also thank all Openbravo users for making Openbravo ERP a huge success.
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