Monday, December 28, 2009

Openbravo in "10 Coolest Open-Source Products Of 2009"

9. OpenBravo ERP

  OpenBravo ERP
ERP has been slow to develop on the open source side, but Openbravo ERP is coming on strong. Users can view production information, inventory, customer information, order tracking, and workflow information through a Web browser, greatly simplifying what can be a complex tool. Of course, open source solutions like OpenBravo ERP also save money, which is especially true in the traditionally expensive realm of ERP. Customers choose and pay for only the services they want, and easy customization adds to the cost savings.
Openbravo has made impressive strides in version 2.5 with the introduction of modularity and dashboarding capabilities, says Ron Bongo, CEO of Corra Technology, a of Montclair, N.J.-based Linux solution provider. OpenBravo's modularity gives customers, partners and community members the ability to extend Openbravo to meet specific needs," he said.